Calvin Klein Privacy Commitment

Calvin Klein is committed to fostering a community of authenticity, self-expression and trust. If you decide to share your details, interests, experiences and other personal information with us, we will strive to create an experience that moves you.

Our Privacy Principles are about more than complying with the law; we want to do the right thing for you and the millions of people we connect with every day. In order to gain and keep your trust, we commit that our interactions with you will be based on:


We want you to have the information you need to make meaningful choices about your personal information. We therefore commit to explaining in our privacy notices why we collect your personal information and how that information is used. We will strive to make our privacy notices easy to find, access and understand.

We will take the appropriate steps to provide you with control over the personal information we collect. We will never require that you provide more personal information than is necessary to buy our products or access our services.

If you do not want to receive email and physical marketing communications from us, we will make it easy for you to unsubscribe and will honor your request.


We hold ourselves accountable for our data practices and living our Privacy Principles. Privacy and Data Security are key components in the design, development and execution of any project that deals with personal information. Our projects that involve the use of your personal information are handled by teams that are required to complete ongoing privacy, security, and data ethics trainings.

We continuously strive to recognize areas where we have room for improvement, to refine our processes, and to act as a leader in data practices and privacy in our industry.


There is no Privacy without Data Security and we take our obligations to safeguard personal information seriously.

We have implemented policies, practices and procedures that are designed to: limit access to personal information as much as possible, protect personal information against loss and unauthorized access, use, and disclosure, and require appropriate security standards for external vendors that touch personal information. We do not store credit card information on our systems.